Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts from Miles 10-12

This is not fun.
Why am I doing this?
My feet hurt.
I can't believe I paid S$48 to do this to myself.
I should have worn my hydration pack.
Didn't that girl pass me earlier?
Don't walk - if you walk, you'll never start running again.
Ok, walk. Save it for the last kilometer.
I can't believe I'm still running. I've done 17K!
Oh good, there's another foreign man walking. I don't feel so bad now.
I'll be glad I did this. Think how good you'll feel crossing the finish line.
What if I just drop out of the race and lose my tracking chip in a trash bin?
Think positive Gina! You can do this!
Slow and steady wins the race right?
I'm never doing this again.

And on it went. I started out my race not far from the starting line. I thought this would be good - help me avoid the crush of people. Well, it did, but it's pretty demotivating when you take off and everyone around you (who has pushed their way to the front because they are actually fast) takes off and leaves you in their dust. I thought, "All 75,000 people are going to pass me." This of course wasn't true - many of those people I passed later in the race once they'd given it all out. My only regret was that I had use a bathroom at the 5K mark and there was only one! That took all of five minutes, but it was necessary.

The run itself was beautiful, taking us along the east coast of Singapore. It was never too hot as even after the sun came up it was cloudy. Still, I didn't appreciate the misting machines. I was already quite misted with my own sweat!

I had heard the last few miles were easier to bear because that's where people have lined the streets and are cheering for you. Yeah, the only people watching until the last 500 meters were Pakistani construction workers. They didn't cheer. Erik and the kids came to meet me at the finish line, but somehow they missed me. No matter - once I came around that last corner and saw the finish line, I gave an extra burst of power, crossed it, and then went and hung on a fence so that the blood could drain from my head and I wouldn't pass out.

On the way home, I reflected that this felt a bit like labor - in the midst of it you wonder why you ever chose this, but the pain is quickly forgotten and the anticipation of another is not far behind. I've been pretty subdued since we came home - on top of being exhausted, my allergies flared up, and my body has decided to retaliate for the inflicted torture in a gastro-intestinal party.

Am I glad I did it? I am. It was a good first effort. I think I'll probably do it again someday, but before then I might drop down to a few 10K's. They say a half marathon is half the distance, twice the fun. Well then, a 10K must be a virtual fiesta.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it Gina! Congrats.

Miranda said...

Congratulations! I agree, the last two miles of the 1/2, I just complained the whole time. I heard "suck it up" a lot those last couple of miles :) That's a great accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Gina! Well done. Good Show! That had to be annoying to wait 5 minutes for a bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Good Day, Gina!

And congratulations!

A full marathon next? If so, I do recommend the Twin Cities Marathon--though the timing (October) may not work out real well for you. Literally tens of thousands of spectators, lining the whole course. All the fun of a half marathon, with twice the pain!


Gina Marie said...

I don't know that I'll ever want to do the full marathon! I don't think I'd have time to train for it. I'd like to do another half and get a better time - I was disappointed with it this first go, even though I know you're just supposed to finish.

There's a run in October here that's 15K which sounds good but it's 4K of trail running which doesn't sound good. We'll be in Rochester from Thanksgiving til after New Year's. It will be interesting to see what it's like to run in cold weather.