Saturday, August 23, 2008


No, I didn't just make up a funny word. But now that I think of it, I just may start using that word in my every day speech. Maybe as an adjective, like, "That Oomphatico's restaurant is oomphatic!" That's how I'm going to use it today. Erik and I went out on our first night of freedom since hiring our full time housekeeper/cook/babysitter. We were going to eat out with friends, but the food Lisa made looked so good we decided we'd eat that and just sit with our friends. Then our friends bailed. So we went in search of dessert.

We found it in the form of Oomphatico's, a new restaurant at Tanglin Mall. Well, it's new to me because I never go to Tanglin Mall except on the rare occasion I need an overpriced imported item not available at Mustafa. (such was the case last night).

I could never be a restaurant critic, because I don't like new food. Normally I don't want to try new places, or be adventurous in my eating. But the ambiance of this place and the interesting options on the menu sucked us in. We sat in oversized chairs by the door, and shared berry yogurt mousse and chocolate and white mousse.

This place would be the perfect girl's lunch out spot, and I fully intend to round up my girlfriends and make a date in the near future. If you live in Singapore and haven't been, you need to go!

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Pam said...

I just tried it the other day with a friend, for lunch. It is the perfect spot...the food was very good!