Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ready to Run

I just came back from a glorious run. I felt like I was on autopilot, running my 4 mile loop. It felt so good that at one point while listening to "Walkin' on Sunshine" I crossed paths with a little school boy and had to hold myself back from high five-ing him. It was like the whole world was on my side - birds singing, sun shining, cool breeze at my back. Except it was dark, I was wearing my ipod so I couldn't hear if birds were singing, and it was 94% humidity. A little like running in the shower.

It's a good thing it went well. I had another one of those "why am I running?" days last Saturday. My intention was to run down to my friend Wendy's house - about seven miles if I ran north a bit first - but forgot that when you leave at 8:40 in the morning it's indecently hot and humid. I wilted by mile 6 and walked the rest of the way.

Today, it was as though my body wanted redemption. I have five days until the big race, which starts at 6:30 a.m. This week I have to taper down - 4 miles today, 3 miles tomorrow, 2 miles Thursday, then rest until Sunday. It's amazing that 4 miles feels easy now.

We get to be the first people to run across the Singapore Marina Barrage. Hopefully Erik will snap a few photos - he and the kids hope to get a spot on the Barrage to see me.

So I'm going to dedicate my first half marathon (look at me all hopeful about future runs) to my husband Erik, who makes me believe I can do anything, and gives me the freedom to do it, and to my good friend Lindsey, who inspired me to run in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your run, Gina! You'll do great!!