Saturday, August 09, 2008

Langkawi Diary #1 - 5 Days on a Malaysian Island

For the first time in a great while, our family went on vacation alone. Usually we bring friends. Or they bring us. But this time it was just the Butz four, off to Langkawi, Malaysia. It's a small island off the west side of northern Malaysia. It takes less than 2 hours by plane. It may sound exotic, but imagine all the places you could travel to within two hours of you. We can't help it if everything within a 2 hour radius of us is another country.

We stayed at the Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort because of some fabulous hotel point system Erik has going with the credit card. Otherwise we'd have stayed in someone's kampong. Or probably just in Singapore.

We did some online searching before we went and armed ourselves with a list of ideas, a hazy schedule, but mostly just a willingness to explore and see what we found. And with that introduction, I'm going to share a few highlights from our trip. Go to our flickr to see all the pictures.

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