Monday, August 04, 2008

Climate questions

Some of our good friends just left for Oregon for the month. We were discussing whether or not they would be close to the ocean during that time, when Megan chimed in, "But it doesn't matter if they're near the ocean. They can't swim in it because it's SNOWING there!!" Said with authority. Since we are going back to the States for Christmas, she seems to think that it's now snowing in America.

This followed a conversation from the previous day, when she insisted that, "America is warm, China is cold, and Singapore is hot." This is because in the last 4 years of her life, she has only visited those places when those things are true. So I tried to explain that when we go to America this year it will be colder than she has ever experienced in her memory. And that right now China is hotter than Singapore.

When we get back from Langkawi on Saturday, we're starting a weather comparison chart between the three places, so our kids can see how the weather in other places changes, but the weather here stays the same. Hopefully one of these days it will sink in.

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