Wednesday, May 14, 2008

While the cat's away . . .

the ants and geckos and cockroaches will play! The kids and I came back last night from a 2 1/2 week trip to China. Erik came back for about 12 hours a week ago, but other than that, our house has just been maintained by our neighbors, so the word got out that there's a party in 06-18.

The ants who regularly reside here took advantage of our absence to further instill themselves into our home. Not only that, but they invited their gecko and cockroach friends to join them. I've been finding ant trails and gecko poop all over, and I'm terrified to open the garbage chute because when I did it this morning I disturbed a large roach congregation. One of them leaped to what he hoped was freedom, only to meet his dastardly end tangled up in my mop. I left him on the floor and the ants came to check him out. They have no shame.

It's me against the pests today, armed with Baygon, vinegar and a large supply of paper towels. Wish me luck.


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Six Wilsons said...

Yuck! I am always afraid to open the trash chute for fear of the same thing happening to me! Living on the 1st floor makes it more likly to happen. Hears to killing all the unfriendlies today.