Thursday, May 22, 2008

Christmas in May

A jolly happy man made a brief appearance in our house on Tuesday night. Jolly in the sense of joyful, not rotund, and the only thing red about him was his hair. It was Erik, and he came bearing many many gifts. Since his last pit stop was the U.S., he came back with loads of things I'd shipped, and a list of things he'd been instructed to buy. It was a joyous occasion, in which the peasants danced. What he brought included, but was not limited to: an ipod Nano (Happy Mother's Day to me!), a new Canon 70-200 zoom lens with a fixed 4.0 aperture (yay for me as well) a Mac TV, rollerblades for Megan, swimsuits for the girls, a stack of shirts for Ethan, 30 pounds of books, even American Girl matching pajamas for Megan and her doll (thanks to Nonna for that).

No, we won't be taking any vacations this year after that spending spree. Not only did Erik bring all this, he fixed my wacky computer and that pesky outlet problem that was preventing me from using my washer, dryer and dishwasher. He even slay a few cockroaches. Then, like a hero from some western, after saving the day he rode off into the sunset (or in this case the sunrise) while we wept and begged him to stay. At least we have some fun toys to play with until he returns on Sunday.

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Ryan said...

Be strong Gina.