Monday, May 19, 2008

What's a season?

This is yet another post about the weather. I'm sorry if that sounds boring, but read on and you may find yourself pleasantly diverted. Or maybe not. But do you have anything better to read on the internet right now?

When we landed in China about 3 weeks ago, the average temperature was hovering around 70 degrees F. Within a few days it had shot up to over 90. I was surprised that it didn't feel like 90 to me though, I suppose because it lacked an accompanying 90% humidity. But by the weekend, it dropped back down to a damp 60 with clouds and rain. The second week was glorious - 70's and clear skies every day with cool evenings. Our last few days there even dipped into the upper 50's and low 60's.

Why the weather report? Well, to give you a context to understand the tropical wimp family's reaction. I was shocked into remembering what it is like to need every kind of clothing you own within a 2 week time period - tank tops, shorts, sweaters, pants, jackets. My kids were just thoroughly confused. Ethan said to me, "Now, this is the time of year when the weather gets colder right mom?" When I said no he replied, "But then why is it so COLD?" (It was 70 degrees).
By way of experiment, I asked Ethan what his favorite season is. Without hesitation he said, "Winter."
"But you don't know what winter is like?"
"Yes I do."
"So what's your favorite thing to do in winter?"
"Have a snowball fight!" (I think he's done this once or twice in his eight years)
"What about spring?"
"Um . . . plant flowers!" (never done it).
"Go swimming!"
"And fall?"
"Jump in the leaves!"
"But Ethan, you've never jumped in leaves."

So there you have it. My son describing his experience of something he hasn't experienced for so long he really doesn't remember what it's like. As for me, I am back to what I've grown accustomed to - a place where temperatures vary only about 15 degrees all year. Not sure what I like better.

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