Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh for the love . . .

I screamed again today. Twice, in rapid succession. I've heard that if you step on a cockroach, they emit some smell that calls to other cockroaches, saying, "Your comrade has fallen! Come avenge his death!" I think it must also happen when they are sprayed into the hereafter with enough Baygon to kill a horse.

That's my hypothesis, based on what happened an hour ago. I turned in my kitchen to see the mother of all cockroaches running across my floor. I was about to step on it, but thought better when I considered that call to arms thing, and the fact that I was wearing my inside shoes and didn't want to have to scrape dead cockroach off the bottom. Cue the Baygon.

Within a few minutes, two more monster cockroaches crawled out of the garbage chute to see what was taking their buddy so long. One of them quickly thought better of it when he heard the weird giant scream that unholy sound, but the other one made a dash for the corner. Honestly, if I hadn't bought this Baygon a few days ago I think I'd be over taken by now.

But I have emerged the victor. This is quite possibly because I am (or was - I'm about to leave the house) wearing my Little Miss Bossy t-shirt today. You remember the Little Miss books from about 25 years ago? Well, their cute little characters are splashed on t-shirts all over Singapore. I also own Little Miss Sunshine. I'm also thinking of getting Little Miss Trouble and Little Miss Chatterbox - have to cover all my moods. Too bad for the cockroaches I wasn't wearing Little Miss Sunshine today or things might have gone better for them.

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