Monday, April 04, 2005

The Great Debate

To buy a car, or not to buy a car? That is the question. My initial reaction was, "Absolutely not! Doesn't it cost like $100,000?" Turns out it's not that astronomical, but it's a fair chunk of change. There are some definite advantages. Aside from the basic convenience of having your own ride, it would free us to explore parts of Singapore without having a set destination. This appeals more to Erik, Mr. Adventure, rather than Gina, Ms. Known to Not Leave Her House for Days at a Time.
Ethan is another reason. Not just that he daily asks if we can have a car, but many of his favorite spots in Singapore are far away. They require either hour long combination subway/bus rides, or expensive taxi fares. Plus, many of them are located where picking up a taxi to leave is nigh on impossible. Since we will probably be homeschooling him for kindergarten, I'd like to be able to do lots of field trips to far off places.
Speaking of education, the school we hope he can attend for 1st grade would require a more than one hour bus ride both ways. Granted, driving him every day takes up my time, but that's a few hours I'd gain of time with my boy which is priceless.
As we get more involved in our church, and visit many people who live in houses where taxis are only accessible by calling one (adding to the fare), we long for the freedom to come and go on our own.

But I don't have to remind you car owners of the cost and care of a car. There's something nice about using someone else's all the time. Or driving right up to the door of a place without having to find and pay for parking. And it's not like the public transport system here is lacking. Choices, choices, choices. Feel free to give me your opinion. Maybe we should take a poll.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, get a car!

Gina Marie said...

The thing about buying a car right now is that this thing called the COE (I have no idea what that stands for) is really low. It's about $16,000 Sing. That may seem expensive, but it's been as high as $41,000 in recent years. This is on top of the price of your car. It's basically like a license to have the car for ten years, and it depreciates each year. So if you buy a two year old car, the COE on it is a little cheaper than when it was purchased.

So this is one of those "now is the time to buy" times.

Another big thing for me is just that it's something that would make life a lot more convenient and less exhausting. Carting two kids and groceries on public transportation can be a bear. We're just trying to find a way to make life a little easier.

Anonymous said...


Kelly and I got a really great deal on a mini-van. I know big yikes on driving a mini-van and being only 26. But we got it from the repo-man. Maybe if they have a repo-man there you should check it out. Is a COE kind of like a warenty?


chinatammy said...

WOW! You might be a car owner soon! It's funny because to those of us overseas it's like . . . WOW! This is a huge thing. . . to buy or not to buy. But, our friends in the U.S. don't think twice about buying or having a car. I think that if G has provided the finances to buy a car and if it would make life easier as a mom with 2 kids vs. more complicated. . . and if it makes doing things with the kids and being connected to community there more feasible and possible. . . GO FOR IT!!! If I could read chinese well enough to read road signs here and all the above were true. . . we'd do it here too. How's that for opinionated? :) I love your sight by the way! It's very inspiring! much love, tammy