Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What if . . . ?

A friend of me had a "what if?" kind of question on her blog today, which reminded me of my favorite what if? question, which is this:
What if you could instantly speak, with fluency, five languages other than English? What would you choose? They don't have to be practical in any way.

So here are mine in no specific order (with my reasoning):
1. Chinese - hey, 20% of the world speaks it
2. Norwegian - my homeland, or at least the homeland of 50% of me
3. Spanish - I love speaking Spanish
4. Gaelic - it's so beautiful, and how cool is it?
5. Swahili - again, just sounds really stinkin' cool

I'd love to hear what other people would choose. Partly this is also a lame attempt to see if anyone ever reads my blog, aside from Erik's brother, Andrew, and my parents. :)


Anonymous said...

1. Italian (becaus I'm like 85%)
2. Greek (because I'm like 10%)
3. Japanese
4. Spanish too, because then I would know all the secrets my students are sharing.
5. American Sing Language

Valerie's Picks (students from Fashion Career)

1. Spanish
2. Germem
3. Chinese
4. French
5. Italian

Anika Picks (same class)

1. Germen
2. French ( because it sounds so beautiful)
3. Japanese
4. Italian
5. Spanish

Brittany Picks (Same Class)

1. French
2. Germen
3. Latin
4. Chinese
5. Spanish

Anonymous said...

Okay one more student to post Shay my only guy Fashion Career persuer

1. Spanish
2. English
3. Chinese
4. Japanese
5. African

Miranda said...

1. Spanish because everyone speaks it.
2. Sign language - I started in college, but have since lost everything but random signs like "popcorn".
3. Norwegian - I've always wanted to visit (I'm 50%) too.
4. French - I liked saying the random French I learned in high school as we were walking through the Paris resort in Vegas.
5. Whatever the pedicure girls speak so I'd finally know if they were making fun of my pinkie toenail.

Anonymous said...

1. Japanese - because I would like to live there some day and witness plus I already have some Japanese friends
2. Greek - for Biblical purposes
3. Spanish - for communication purposes
4. Russian - I have a friend from Russia and I miss him.
5. German - my heritage

You can tell erik hi from me gina.
kelly m.

Anonymous said...

Dutch--the language of my ancestors
Spanish--then I could talk to my neighbors!
Southern--so I could understand people who live in states like Alabama

chinatammy said...

1. Chinese - because I live in close vacinity with a lot of Chinese speakers
2. Greek - so I could understand the NT's original language
3. Hebrew -so I could understand the OT's original language
4. Spanish- not because so many in the world speak this, but because my mom is fluent in Spanish. So, it would mean that I could travel with her on her annual trips to South America.
5. Africanese- I just think it's a beautiful language anddI would love to be able to travel to that part of the world someday and communicate with the people who live there.

Gina Marie said...

Is there really a language called Africanese Tammy? I think you're making that up.

I realized I need to switch Spanish to American Sign Language after seeing Michelle's. Here I say it's a life goal of mine to learn it and totally spaced it on my own list!

chinatammy said...

Well, there certainly is. :) It's actually officially called Afrikaans but if you are from South Africa you call it "Africanese". (I think) And just to prove that it is a true, bonified, real language. . . I'll. . . I'll. . . I'll speak something to you in it.
"Ek het joi lief." I'll let you guess what that means. :)