Saturday, April 09, 2005

Jurong Bird Park Adventure

Friday the kids and I hooked up with some of our new friends here to hit the Jurong Bird Park. This is located across the parking lot from the infamous Reptile Park I wrote about earlier. We've heard a lot about it so we had high expectations.

First of all, it's a well known fact that the higher the temperature, the lower your enjoyment of any outdoor attraction will be. I think it was 90 degrees and 80% humidity yesterday. Ok, maybe not that bad, but kids make it feel worse. We started in the penguin house and we maybe should have stayed there, or kept going back to it, because it was hard to enjoy the other birds in the sun.

We watched part of the bird show, then opted for the monorail. We thought that would give us a great view of all the birds, but it just gave us a view of the tops of their cages. Still, it's not hard to ride in an air-conditioned cab with new friends looking down on beautiful tropical vegetation!

We stopped at a gorgeous waterfall which I would post a picture of if I could figure out why my windows explorer won't let me turn my pictures anymore. Later we stopped and stayed awhile at the water park. We could have spent hours there I think, with the big playground next to it. That was worth the whole trip for all of us!

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