Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nanny 911

I currently have in my posession several TV shows that were taped from the states, random shows someone sent to a friend here. One of them is Nanny 911. I'd heard of this show, so the kids and I watched 5 minutes of it today (I was curious to see what they thought of other children behaving badly).

I think my kids were a little stunned at watching children completely out of control. I was terrified to my very core. Please, someone out there tell me that these are extreme cases and not indicative of American families in general? My word. Talk about a child-centered environment.

On the other hand, we've had quite a pleasant day since then. I'm feeling really good about life. My kids in comparison are stellar! No chaos here, at least not today. And I'm a rock star mom! It's all relative right?

If anyone out there hopes we will return to the States someday, you have to give me promises that I can find children for my children to befriend who are not raised in the manner of the children on this show. Otherwise, we're not leaving the house until they're 18.

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Anonymous said...


Well with Briteny Spears pregnant, Jen Mcartny writing parenting books, Modanna and Billy Joel as children's book authors I'd be say be afraid.. Very afraid!
But truthfully was D.H.W. on the tape. Its my new closet addiction since the demise of sex in the city. I know its complete trash, but vices are vices.