Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the best things

I've been meaning to get around to my top ten favorite things about Singapore, so here it is finally (in no particular order, because that would require too much thinking):
1. thunderstorms
2. libraries
3. English
4. my kids being best friends
5. the swimming pool
6. MOPS (mothers of Preschoolers)
7. affordable western products at the grocery store
8. public transportation
9. the people we work with and live near
10. green

The list could go on. I admit there is a big part of me that is reluctant to love Singapore for various reasons, but it grows on me every day. How could it not with these kinds of perks?


Chris B. said...

Gina, why do you think Singapore has such a successful public transportation system? Is it just because they are so strict about the number of cars on the road? Does it make the city cleaner? Are the subway and rail cars and buses clean and pleasant? Is there at times massive overcrowding? I'm really interested in these things because we just got the light rail here in Mpls, and it's near worthless unless you work on the rail line or want to go to a sports event downtown. I'm just curious...

Gina Marie said...

I think part of it is that Singapore is an island - if everyone had cars, it would just be too crowded. To drive here, you have to buy a license in addition to actually buying the car. I think Minneapolis just isn't so crowded as to need a light rail.
I think another part of it is that it is the way their culture operates - high control, high value on development and advancement. Every once in awhile it strikes me again that I live in a fully developed country. This is what China could be in the future.

Gina Marie said...

In further answer to your questions - yes, everything is very clean. I think there's a $500 fine for eating or drinking on the subway. There are times when it is crowded - the kids and I were unable to get on a bus the other day because it was full (which wouldn't have stopped anyone in China). But generally, things run pretty smoothly.