Wednesday, November 10, 2004

taking the plunge

Ethan announced yesterday that he wants to learn to swim without his water wings. While excited, we did try to convince him that it wasn't simply a matter of taking the wings off and swimming away. But he was so excited that he waited until Erik was home and we had eaten dinner (so at about 7 o'clock) and convinced Erik to take him swimming.

They swam for close to an hour, and Ethan did brave it without his wings. Erik would give him a push toward the side from about 6 feet away from the wall, and Ethan would paddle like a crazy dog. If he were willing to put his head under without plugging his nose, everything would go a little smoother. As it was, he just had to fight madly to keep his head above water.

But all in all, a good step. We'll have him swimming by Christmas!

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