Wednesday, November 03, 2004

living like tourists

If you've ever traveled to Singapore, you've probably been told that one of the things you have to do here is go to the Raffles Hotel and drink a Singapore Sling. So Monday night Erik and I decided to act like tourists and do that. After disembarking at the wrong subway stop and wandering around awhile in light rain, we found the hotel. We also found that it costs you $16 Sing (about $10 US) to buy a Singapore Sling. Being the heavy drinkers that we are, we bought one between the two of us. What's the verdict? Enh. It's a drink. But now I feel like I can say I've really been to Singapore. It's kind of like going to China and climbing the Great Wall, only more expensive apparently.

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Kelly and I aren't seeing any movies because we would like to conserve our resources. I think the last film we watched was Eternal Sunshine. So when we go on dates its usually bike rides, or picnics, but we have decided to start making up films that we would have gone to see. I'll start them and leave them at some point and then Kelly will give the next part of the sceen. Spiderman was great, but the ending was a little weak.