Friday, December 10, 2004

snow city

So today we gathered up any warm clothes we had and headed to a place called Snow City. Truth be told, it should be called, "Snow room with small hill." Price of admission included pretty nappy jackets and boots, and rented pairs of mittens (far too big for my kids). Side note: maybe the people there have grown accustomed to the overwhelming locker room like smell, but they need to seriously invest in some deodorizers for those of us who aren't.

Despite the foot odor room spray, walking into the "cold room" felt like a wave of pure goodness washing over me. It ministered to my midwestern spirit. For about 15 minutes. Then the cold sank in. Normally for temperatures like that, I would have been dressed much warmer and enjoyed it. So would my kids. They enjoyed a few inner tube trips down the snow hill, playing in the igloo (the wooden igloo) and climbing on the playground. Megan even had a few minutes of glee scooping up the only free snow (everything else was packed rock hard) out of a large box and throwing it in the air.

Ethan lasted longer than Megan, who was crying to go home after about 30 minutes, but by the end they were glad to get back out into the air conditioning that suddenly felt like a heater. Maybe we'll try it again sometime more adequately clad.

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