Thursday, December 16, 2004

quirky things in the Singaporean movie theater

I'd like to point out three oddities about the movie theater we frequent here:
First of all, it is the coldest place in Singapore, aside from Snow City. Possibly nearly as cold as Snow City. The first time I went, I made the fatal mistake of wearing shorts and a tank top. When I left the theater, my body had that burning feeling you get when you heat up too quickly in a Minnesota winter. I couldn't feel my toes for about 1/2 hour.
Last night, I dressed smart - sweater, jeans, and I brought a pair of socks. I really could have used a blanket though. It reminded me of watching movies in my parents' basement in the winter.
Second, there is a concession stand in this theater much like other concession stands. You can buy the bigger popcorn for pennies more (Though they don't actually have pennies here). But the funny thing is the big signs on the doors of the theaters, "No food or drink allowed." I watched a guy stand and eat his nachos just right outside the door. So I guess, come early if you want to snack.
The third thing is that both times I have used a movie theater bathroom, I have happened to get the one squatty potty stall. Squatty potties to me should be a thing of the past, so there's some technological dissonance in my mind when there's a motion detection flush feature to the squatty. I just don't know what else to say about that.

So what movie did we see? National Treasure. I have to give it an, "Entertaining, but Nicolas Cage annoys me more every time I see him" critique.


Anonymous said...

Oh ouch Gina. I love Nick Cage. And yes even in Raising Arizona and Peggy Sue Got Married (Although he shouldn't speak at all during that era of his career). Christopher challenged me on those two films once perhaps to test my loyalty to Mr. Cage. You know he is married to an Asian now, so you and he have a love for Asian in common.
We got your ministry update today. Great Family picture.

Take Care,

Chris B. said...

I will graciously admit that Nick Cage was tolerable in Raising Arizona, if only because he was under the very able direction of the Coen Brothers. But I mostly have to agree with Gina, he's annoying. Sorry Michelle.

Gina Marie said...

He was different in Raising Arizona, and although he is entertaining to some degree, you have to admit that he falls into the "I play the same person in every single movie" category of actors. Notable people in this category include: Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Harrison Ford, and Meg Ryan. Some of these people have successfully made a film or two outside of the typical, but it just goes to show that sometimes sticking with one thing can earn you a living.