Saturday, December 11, 2004

Singapore national pastime

I'm sitting here bummed because it is pouring down rain (and by pouring I mean POURING) outside so I can't go shopping.

Shopping, I'm told, is the Singapore national pastime. This wouldn't be hard to discern apart from actually being told, because there is about 1 shopping mall for every 100 people in this country. I had planned on going to the north side Orchard Road, which is sort of main street downtown. One weekend awhile ago I hit the south side - it took me a whole day and I think I hit at least 6 Esprit stores. I'm suddenly, after about a 15 year hiatus, in love with Esprit again. I remember buying two complete Esprit outfits in 7th grade. By I digress . . .

Living here and having access to such an abundance of shopping opportunities has, I've realized, done a nasty number on my heart. A week or so ago, I realized that I was carrying around this constant level of stress. When I examined it, most of the things that were stressing me were things I felt I needed or (more likely) wanted to buy and didn't have the time to purchase.

Finding contentment in a land of plenty is something that hasn't been an issue for me in a long time (because I lived somewhere where there wasn't much to buy!). It's a good challenge, but a frustrating one as it is a constant struggle. I hate the obsession. These things are temporal, not eternal. They will pass away as quickly as they come, and what will I have to show for it? I am so grateful that because of Christ I have hope beyond this life, that I have eternal things I can fill my life with that won't pass away. I just hope I can remember to keep them my focus.

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