Friday, April 13, 2012

Up With the Sun

I'm an "up with the sun" kind of girl. By summer, this will be a little annoying because since all of China is on the same time zone, our sunrise happens at around 4 am by then. But right now it's 5:45, with dawn actually at 5:10. That means not only no more getting up when it's pitch dark (well, maybe a little since I usually get up at 5) but it also means that it's been waking the kids up naturally. No more dragging them out of bed!

This morning they were both up and downstairs by 6:30, fed by 7, and off to work on things. It's 8:20 and they are halfway done with school. I'm thankful they're like me - their best mental energy and engagement is in the early hours - so they're even more productive the earlier they start. Hooray for early sunrises!

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