Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pre-flight Turbulence

Friends, when your normally positive, "we'll make it happen," "it'll all work out," hakuna matata husband says to you, "From now until we leave for the States in a week, I'm going to be VERY busy. Oh and I have go to Hong Kong," you can translate it as, "You're not going to see me until we get on the plane."

So how will we manage from now until then? Well, my inner planner/future thinker self will go into high gear and plan out pretty much every hour between now and then, because that's how I roll. I don't do procrastination because it's just too stressful. I already have two bags packed. I have to tackle making our daughter's 10th birthday special (despite the fact that all her gifts are waiting in America), do some last minute shopping, have a night out with friends, teach a speech class, host our Friday night group, and have a sleepover with friends, on top of all our regular activities. Oy.

Buckle up kids. There might be some turbulence.

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