Tuesday, April 03, 2012


One of the ways we've made life work here throughout the years is by relying on the many visitors who come from the States to be pack mules for the things we can't find (it's helpful to be in a major city where many people pass through!). Of course we could live without most of these items, but it's a treat to have them.

We have one particular friend who works with Erik who seems to be married to the most generous woman I know. She's sent us things before. Once I asked for a bag of Halloween candy and she sent 12 bags (we used them for a women's retreat). Erik asked for deodorant and got 6 of them. Another time, unprompted, she sent 20+ Yankee Candles in jars-one for every woman who works in our office. So I should have known that she might go beyond my list when she asked what she could send. Take this picture for example:

I asked for:
1 container of Crystal Light lemonade (she sent eight)
1 bag of Easter candy (there are 6)
1 bottle of Febreeze (I'm paranoid that our house smells like dog. I can be excessive now because she also sent a 2 liter refill)
an eye liner (she included a brow pencil)
blush (she threw in a powder that's just right - how does she know Asia doesn't have make up for blue eyed white girls?)
one Suave shampoo and conditioner (I found the same kind here for $10 a bottle - that's probably what she spent on all 6 that she sent me)
face lotion (I got a bonus)
1 box of feminine products (I realized after assessment later that I didn't actually need more. Now I have 3 new boxes)
cooking spray (two of those)
a few things from Amazon

I debated not asking for anything since we're going to the States in a few weeks for a wedding, but these were all things I can't get here and needed before then (ok, needing is debatable on some of these items). And our friend had space so I figured why not? Now I'm looking at this stash feeling a little sheepish. I forgot she'd send so much! I gave 3 bags of the candy away, and Erik is using one of the lotions. Anybody need some stuff from the States?


JB and Cathy said...

This is dangerous to post these pics! But seriously, is the extra cooking spray up for grabs? We are still without since Jenny's seems to not have any for so long...

Gina Marie said...

Yes! I messaged you about it that day but it must not have gone through or something.