Sunday, April 08, 2012


In case you wonder if we live a lonely life over here in Asia, this is a recap of our week:

Thursday, we observed the Seder (celebrated the Seder? I'm not sure quite how to phrase that) with 3 other families. Friday, we had our group of about 20 over to watch Dan Allender and then discuss it in smaller groups (our group only has 7 people in it).  Saturday I took a group of 5 other friends to the dirt market with me by way of introduction (some had never been) and to help one of them redecorate her apartment. While I was doing that, Erik and the kids were at soccer practice. One of our friends is coaching all the kids in the neighborhood - probably about 25 of them. Afterwards they had a picnic with parents and siblings.

In the evening, we had two families over for a BBQ because it was beautiful outside. Then today after church we joined several other families for an Easter egg hunt and picnic on top of a nearby building. As we were wrapping up, Megan asked us if we had plans for dinner because one of her friends wanted to invite us all over. I'm looking at this week when we're going to have several families over for dinner on Wednesday night and then 7 little girls over to celebrate Megan's birthday on Friday night and I said, "Maybe not tonight." I mean this is awesome, but I think the introvert in me might be reaching her limit.

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