Monday, April 16, 2012

Trying to Think Strategically

So here's what I'm trying to think through this morning:

How do I pack for a 3 1/2 week trip that includes mid-60's weather for all of us, mid-80's weather for Erik and I, plus a wedding? How do I also consider what we need to take back to the States with us now because it needs to be in Minnesota when we get there in September and can't be shipped directly to Orlando? We can only take 6 bags with us when we leave in September, so we have to be strategic. And what gifts and fun stuff can I bring back for my family and friends? And when on earth am I going to buy those? Furthermore, what should I send with Erik to Orlando when he goes in June?

While we're in the States, I'll get to work through what we will need to bring back (if anything) to get us through the summer, and how much space do we really have to bring back stuff for other people? (the requests are piling up!).

Such is the thought life of the traveling expat. 


Nonna said...

You could have everyone wear a plethora of layers on the plane and carry all the heavy things in your carry on luggage.

Gina Marie said...

:) It's not a matter of space, at least this time. It's a matter of wisdom in knowing what needs to come when. That opens up all kinds of questions of what to give away, what to sell, what to purge. And did I mention we're trying to get the house ready for someone to stay in while we're going? Oy! We'll manage it all in the end though.

Four Buttons said...

Hey Gina! Like you said, somehow you'll manage it all in the all works itself out somehow doesn't it? :) However, I know how you feel somewhat...there's just so much extra planning and layers to those plans and it's not just a home leave visit, but future planning too, yikes!! I know you'll do it and you'll do it well Gina, you are incredibly resourceful and analytical. You will get it figured out :) in the meantime, I'll be praying for you and for your family!!! Love to you :)

Casey Liu said...