Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's a little hard to pray for dinner when one of your child is sobbing, but that's what I had to do tonight. Her tears were a cumulative out pour of the tension between her and her brother that has been growing these past few days. And so, in addition to praying for our food, I prayed for their hearts.

Shortly after, Ethan took the dog outside and Megan started to tell me how she feels she's treated by Ethan. Not normally one to describe her emotions or the state of her heart, she articulated them in a way that broke my heart. He's just been getting a little too tough and disrespectful of her lately. In short, she wasn't feeling treasured by him.

When Ethan came back, I asked him to just listen while she repeated what she'd told me. It took her awhile to get it out, but he listened patiently. Then I gave him an opportunity not to defend himself but to share any feelings he has had about how Megan treats him. He did so, and then sweetly apologized for how he'd been treating her.

After dinner the two of them started chasing each other around the house, squealing and laughing. At one point Megan exclaimed, "I love my brother!"

I'm humbled and in awe of God's work in them and what He can do when two hearts are honest and vulnerable with each other. Yay for reconciliation!

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