Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project 365 - Day 10 and 11

 I've been trying to pay attention to light as I'm doing my project. This first picture was taken with my phone, and then I zoomed in and Instagramed it, so the quality is low, but I like the lightning. The second picture was this morning as I watched the sun rise over the buildings. After yesterday's AQI reading pegging the top of the scale, I was beyond overjoyed to see a clear sunrise. I was so excited in fact that I also took a picture facing west, where I could see the full moon going down.

Day 10
Day 11
My bonus shot


Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Day 10 is killer. And the silhouette in 11 is just.. wow. Both are great shots.

Gina Marie said...

Thanks Ryan! That means a lot coming from a great photographer like you. :)