Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mini Me

I'm often told I look exactly like my mom, although once I was told I'm the spitting image of my dad. Hard to see how that's possible. I'm going with "looks like mom" though because we've actually had random strangers stop us and comment on how much we look alike.

But what about our kids? I think it's always been easy for me to see that Ethan looks like me. There's a Chinese idiom that translates, "The sister's son looks like the sister's brother" which is even more true. Ethan looks quite a bit like my brother. But Megan's always been a question - me or Erik?

I've heard it both ways - Ethan is like me and Megan is like Erik, or that Megan is my "mini me." I think the red hair throws people off into assuming Megan looks like Erik, but I'm not denying I see him in her too. What do you think? (not about me looking like my mom - I think that's a closed case. I mean Megan looking like me).


Four Buttons said...

I've always thought megan looks just like you and that ethan looked just like erik...how do you like that? :) miss you dear friend, hope all that renovation goes well, glad you got your new place sounds like it's going to be awesome!!!

Rachel said...

hmmmm ... I think she looks like you.
Your mom had some pics of Chris and Ethan as kids (well, younger anyway) and they do look a lot alike.
If we have boys, I wonder if they will look like my brothers ...