Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy Pizza

I love times when I am out and about here, something happens, and I think, "I am SO going to blog about this." Last night I had one of those moments.

Erik and I had found, on our way back from the dentist, a new restaurant called Happy Pizza. It had outdoor seating and was adjacent to a complex with a courtyard where the kids could play. That's our kind of restaurant. So we decided to try it and it didn't disappoint.

Well, it maybe disappointed a little in the food and beverage arena, but not in the interest level. For one thing, they had sweet dark brown velvet chairs that we coveted. They were unfortunately made in a province outside of ours. The menu had everything from pizza to salads to burgers to Chinese food. We ordered a tomato and corn salad, wings, a half Hawaiian, half vegetarian pizza, and drinks which included a strawberry milk tea for Erik. What do you think of when you imagine a strawberry milk tea? Do you imagine a cup of hot pink liquid that tastes like Slim Fast? No, we don't either. Especially since I thought Erik had ordered a strawberry milkshake. But that's what it was. By my account they'd really missed the boat. We laughed heartily.

Our pizza had some extra, surprising toppings. Our vegetables included broccoli and corn, both good, both not usually found on a pizza (unless in a non-franchised pizza chain in Asia). The kids did not appreciate the addition of black olives on their Hawaiian side. The only mark against this place was that they could not produce a Coke Zero or a Coke Light, and tried to offer me a regular Coke instead. In this part of town, that's pretty surprising.

After dinner we wandered into the complex next door and found the largest expanse of green grass I think we've seen in the city. You and 100 of your closest friends could easily have a picnic there, if the locals didn't boot you out (they probably wouldn't - they'd just gawk).

These are the kind of experiences I love here - finding a new little spot to enjoy, and having it remind you that you're not in Kansas (or Minnesota) anymore. I say keep 'em coming cause I love writing about them!

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