Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I need more imagination

I posted previously about how I've been using my imagination to help me extend grace to frustrating people on the roads here. It's been helpful, but I find that I am lacking creativity to deal with one of the most prevalent problems:

People just don't look.

It's hard to believe that's true. It's like everyone's playing a game of Frogger blindfolded. This goes for drivers and pedestrians alike. The theory seems to be "If I don't acknowledge you, you must avoid me." The problem is, what if I don't see you? So it falls on me to be constantly vigilant for old people wandering across the road, women riding bicycles like they can't turn their heads if they tried, and cars that are pulling into my lane. It's made me quite a defensive driver. I also have to swerve a lot.

So, any creative ideas on how I can justify their actions and not want to just run them over while calling, "Serves you right!" out my window?*

*For the record, I would never actually do that.

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