Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Conversation about the future

Me, "Megan, when you're done being the best soccer player in the world, will you be a coach?"

Megan, "No."

Me, "What will you do then?"

Megan, "I'll keep playing soccer."

Me, "You mean even when you're an old lady."

Megan, "Yep."

Me, "But how will you make money?"

Megan, "I'll just kick the ball around."

Me, "And people will pay to watch an old lady kick a ball around?"

Megan, "Yep."

Let's hope she's a REALLY interesting soccer ball kicker into her old age.


Four Buttons said...

well, for what it's worth I would pay to see megan as an old lady kicking a soccer ball around juggling, bicycle kicking and faking people out left and right...yes that would be worth money :) so glad megan's living the dream :)s

Rachel said...

For the record, I, too, would pay to watch megan play soccer when she is 90 ... although, i would be about 110 then ... so maybe I could do something cool too and we could get people to pay and watch both of us ... or maybe everyone will live to be that old (I don't really think so) and it will be no big deal.