Friday, June 11, 2010

Giving Thanks

I confess that earlier in the week I was thinking about this on-going list and thought, "I don't think I could think of 25 things right now!" It's been a tough week emotionally with Erik being gone. I think often we consider the ramifications on our kids for Erik's travel, and assume that the two of us will be able to manage ok, but I think this last month of business for us has been taking its toll on me personally! Add to that the fact that our best friends here leave in less than a month, and I've got a recipe for a very busy heart.

But we are to give thanks IN all circumstances right? So here goes:

226. The weather has been blessedly cooler than usual, which is glorious
227. Rain!
228. The flowers I liked the best of those I bought on Mother's Day are still alive and beautiful
229. My jasmine plant is finally blossoming!
230. Our car is powerful and I love it
231. While our apartment is still waiting to be renovated, we have a great local guy helping us who gives us confidence that it will get done eventually and well
232. We have friends who are having their apartment renovated by the same guy, and he's ahead of schedule and under budget. In China????
233. Free mornings
234. My treadmill
235. All the stuff Erik's bringing back from the States for us - it will be like Christmas!
236. I have completed 3 (almost 4) sections of a writing project I'm doing
237. The kids have been reading like gangbusters lately
238. Our friends who live next door - love how easy it is for us to stop by and for them to come over!
239. My family comes in just over a month!
240. The book Bold Love, by Dan Allender. His stuff is always challenging.
241. Reading with the kids - we're actually reading a book they both love!
242. Tao Bao
243. Lohao city - an organic store outside our building that has really good stuff, including flax seeds and Sunmaid raisins
244. Chinese class two times this week and seeing my kids be able to read lots of characters
245. Seeing the lights go on in their heads when they understand what's being said to them in Chinese
246. The dirt market - heading there tomorrow. It's one of my favorite places in town!
247. Heading to the dirt market with good friends=even better
248. New fun places near our building in which to eat and play
249. A great time out with girlfriends on Wednesday afternoon
250. Finding out that it's cheaper than I thought it was to change my middle name (from Marie to Brenna) even though I have to wait til next summer to do it

Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be. :)

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