Saturday, March 13, 2010

Unlimited Almightiness and Freedom

Who doesn't want unlimited almightiness and freedom? Who thinks they might be able to obtain unlimited almightiness and freedom? Well, I'll tell you today that it can be had in China. IF you own a Great Wall Hover. And now we do.

I prayed every day this week that we would get our car before Erik leaves on a long trip today. As I stood on the street corner near our complex, waiting for a sighting of the ever elusive taxis (the smell of luxury vehicles scares us away from our condo, despite the fact that there are some of us who DON'T drive them), I kept thinking, "God, you're not giving us the car because you want me to learn to be patient, is that right? Well I don't want to learn patience! I want our car!" I believe God is unmoved by these displays of immaturity. I think He just sort of chuckles at them in a gentle way.

But yesterday morning, we got the call from the dealership that the car had arrived. Thankfully, Erik had the day off and was able to jump through all their hoops of paying, getting the car inspected, and signing (and of course stamping - lots of stamping) paperwork. He even made it back in time for us to stupidly brave Friday night traffic so we could meet friends for dinner. (in the end, totally worth it).

Now I am looking at a day of errands that need to be run, and I'm not even daunted, because I have the car. Indeed, I am already feeling the unlimited almightiness and freedom. Or at least the freedom. Maybe the almightiness will come with time.

If you're wondering why I keep saying "unlimited almightiness and freedom" you need to go to the link.

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