Monday, March 22, 2010

More Ways to be Thankful

151. I haven't had any problems with allergies for a very long time
152. my hand held massager that keeps tension headaches away
153. Our new car!!
154.The opportunity to coach LEAF this week
155. How coaching LEAF helps me go deeper into my own LEAF lessons
156. Being in a city with spring weather
157. I got to see my husband here before he went back home after a week away
158. I had a great talk with a great friend Friday night
159. My coach, Dayle, who speaks the truth to me in ways that build me up
160. Seemingly no neighbors in the hotel to disturb my sleep tonight
161. Earplugs, just in case there are
162. Did I mention our car?
163. The joy of teaching drama to middle schoolers
164. Season 1 of Little House on the Prairie that gave me a fun bonding time with the kids and brought back childhood memories
165. The joy of talking about "my brother and his wife" today
166. I work with people who care about my heart and my growth
167. Solitude
168. The place around our hotel is beautiful and fun to run in
169. The truth that I am God's beloved child and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it, therefore I can't change it. It's just true.
170. I don't have to deal with the workers who are trying to find the source of the leaking in our apartment (my condolences to my husband, who does)
171. Our patio door is fixed. No more drafts.
172. My friend brought me oatmeal to the hotel because the breakfast buffet is not appealing.
173. Our treadmill
174. The fact that my kids love me and didn't want me to leave
175. My husband, who is gracious and generous in watching the kids while I am away!

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