Sunday, March 07, 2010

Out of the mouths of kids

I asked my Sunday School class today, "Why do we take offering?"

"Because we want to give to God"
"Because we should give to the poor"
"Because the Bible says we should tithe"
"Because God gives to us so we should give back"

and my favorite:
"Because the church has a budget."
Spoken by the son of one of the guys who works at the church. Classic.

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Four Buttons said...

Ha that's great Gina!! It's always those kids who's parents are in the ministry he he ;)
How are you Gina? When do you come back to the states? I am thinking we need to coordinate this so that the most amount of greenhouse people are in the states at the same time and we all fly to a location for a weekend. maybe this is just a pipe dream, but it sure sounds fun!!