Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Falling Apart

No, not me, my house. As I sit here in the homeschool room, I can feel the draft coming from our porch door because lately it has decided it doesn't want to stay completely shut. I can look into my bedroom and see that the water damage around our bathrooms has started in a new spot. The damage has managed to make it into the kids' bedrooms too - very odd for Ethan's room because he's not against a bathroom wall, but maybe it didn't want him to feel left out. The laminate floors are ganging up with the walls, rebels that they are, and are bubbling in various spots. Our kitchen cabinets are still being held up by a 2x4. Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes, the lower cabinet which has detached from the wall and likes to slant to the right when you open it. Tricky.

Such is life here. Stuff breaks easily. Thankfully, repairmen are generally cheap. We have just been unmotivated to get these things fixed, especially since the water damage will probably require a lot of time and mess (the mess is more my concern). Maybe we'll just leave it all for the next tenants.


Four Buttons said...

sounds like a japanese horror movie. good to know that shoddy workmanship isn't just a singapore privilege!! miss you much gina! you need to tell me something inspiring to get me off my toosh and out running again, i've TOTALLY fallen off the wagon, hit my head and been knocked unconscious :)

Gina Marie said...

Lindsey - I'm training for a 10K right now (although I don't actually have a 10K to run!). I'm motivating myself with the promise that if I finish the training, I get to buy the new camera lens I want (Erik approves of this plan). Maybe you need something like that to get you going. Although girl, I saw that picture of you ready for church and you look SUPER skinny. Not that that's the only reason to run, but I tell ya, you look good!

So I say think of something you want and make it your goal. You can do it Lindsey!