Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pony on a Stick

According to Brenna folklore, my brother's first word was "horse." Actually, it was more like "ho" or "hor", an unfortunate lack of enunciation on his part. This was because he loved horses, one manifestation of which was that he had one of those ponies on a stick. You know what I'm talking about - the disembodied head of a horse with a stick shoved in its neck that kids can put between their legs and run around with until they trip over it.

Megan is now the proud owner of such a toy. She got it for her birthday from her babysitter, cementing our "we have the best babysitter in the world" theory. Despite my description above, I think it's a great toy for her. I'm surprised I didn't think of it myself. It's light blue, and when you squeeze its ear it makes clippety clop noises and neighs. She loves it so much it garnered the coveted "sleep with Megan" spot recently only occupied by Care Bears. A horse's head in a bed - isn't that something from the Godfather?

Megan's fun quote from today was at Mustafa. She saw an obviously pregnant woman and asked in a loud voice, "Mommy, does that girl have a baby in her tummy? Because I see something bumpy!" I was so thankful that she was as far along as she was.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Megan!!
I remember running around on a set of horse sticks at a toys R us with your brother, and it was really fun.
I don't think that clerks liked it very much when we would go someplace like Rainbow or Target because it would get messy. If memory serves me correctly we got scolded once for having a pillow fight in Target.
Faith likes to sleep with 4 blankets and a plastic baby doll. I'd be in serious trouble if we lost the baby doll. Its very old and a challenge to replace.
Did you make the Care Bear on the cake?

Gina Marie said...

I did make the Care Bear on the cake. Too bad that doll is old and hard to replace. I think if kids get attached to something you should probably go buy a second, just in case. I hear about too many times when kids lose those precious things.