Thursday, April 20, 2006

Classic Ethan

You know those cheezy testimonials you find on advertisements? Turns out some of those are probably real. We experienced one in our car today.

We have been listening to Jonathan Park, which is a series of audio stories for kids about a creation scientist and his son (Jonathan). The cheese is pretty thick on these, but Ethan's eating them up. He loves science and dinosaurs, and anything informational. Today's story involved Jonathan and his class presenting science projects. One boy presented his tadpole with legs as evidence of evolution. The teacher pointed out that tadpoles becoming frogs is not the same as apes becoming humans, because tadpoles and frogs already have the same DNA, and apes and people don't.

From the back seat, Ethan says, "Mommy? In one of my science books, it shows apes turning into people, and I didn't know if that was right. It was a question to me. But now, after listening to this video, my question has been answered!" (I swear this is a word for word quote).
I said, "Oh really, Ethan, and what's the answer?"
"Apes can't turn into people!"

I'm thinking of writing to Jonathan to let them know they have a satisfied customer.

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