Friday, October 08, 2010


This is the view out our north windows on a pretty typical day. This actually isn't as clear as it could be, but the sky usually isn't as clear as it could be. We had some really beautiful days over the holiday last week, days where you forget that the sky can do this:

This is the same view, this morning. It was worse when I woke up at 6, but whatever part of this was fog has left and this is what we get to see the rest of the day. The forecast says "sunny" but what that means is, "The sun is still shining on the earth, but you will know this only because the white will become brighter."

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Four Buttons said...

oh, sorry Gina :( That stinks! although, you had a sunny day in that park with the kids and those amazing pics you took! those were AWESOME!! you've got some skill girl :)

also thanks for the video clip you sent, i haven't seen it yet b/c it didn't work yesterday when i tried, but i'll try again, thanks for thinking of me though...i hate worrying about what others think, ugh!

And yes, I'm thankful for the good friends God has provided us here, but I miss you girls like crazy and you are all that word? love you :)