Saturday, October 09, 2010

Gina vs technology

I'm not one to pursue new technology. I like to think that what I have is as good as I need, and that there is really nothing added to my life by getting the next best thing. I think if I were 80 years old right now I'd be the kind of person who has never touched a computer and still has a rotary phone.

So when Erik suggests that he buy me new technology, or tries to pass off his old gadgets to me (because he IS buying the latest technology for himself) I tend to be resistant. The most recent attempt has been an iphone. He really wants to buy me one. I know, I know, there are probably many people who would think, "Why on EARTH wouldn't you want your husband to buy you an iphone?!?" Ok, here are my reasons:

1. I don't need another way to waste time
2. That thing's a giant. It feels like I'm holding an entire book to my ear.
3. They're not cheap.
4. There's nothing wrong with the phone I have.
5. I'm just kind of stubborn.

On top of the iphone, I desperately need a new computer, because this one is the devil incarnate. Erik's always up for buying me a new computer (I mean of course when the need arises, not just for fun) but because he just bought a Macbook and hasn't really started using it, he suggested I just take it and he can buy another one when we're in the States.

Ok, switching to a Mac brings out a whole new level of resistance in me, mostly driven by the fear that I will have to spend hours trying to figure out how it works which will degenerate into frustration and tears and the kids saying, "What's wrong mommy?" and then quietly leaving me to myself. Not my preferred method of living.

And yet, today Erik is setting up the Macbook for me, and I have agreed to an iphone. Why the change? Well, partly because I fear one day I WILL throw this computer out the 12th story window BEFORE opening the window which will mean more Chinese workers in my house fixing the window, not to mention the real possibility of killing someone on the street below. That's a whole mess of trouble. I've heard a million times "Once you go Mac you never go back" and I'm willing to test theory.

As for the iphone, I've been swayed by a few apps, like the one that allows you to point your phone at Chinese characters and have it read them for you, and the one that allows you to directly record things into Quicken (I might actually stick to our budget that way!), and the GPS. We're not going to run out and buy it yet, but I'm open.

I surrender. Technology wins.

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Travis Todd said...

I left the mac after it was too much trouble. The software is different. I told that husband of yours to stay away from it. Now the iPhone is a different story. You will waste hours of your time doing things you never knew you needed to do