Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Year in Pictures

As I sat down today to reflect on 2010 (I was too sick yesterday to do it. Today I'm upright thanks to drugs) I thought of the picture memories we have. Probably I thought of them because I realized a few days ago that I haven't printed out any pictures since May 2009. Oi. But that's beside the point. Here is a quick review of our year:

January - my brother got married!! We had such a great time in MN ringing in 2010 and participating in what is easily the most meaningful wedding I've attended.

February - a decade as parents! We are so blessed that our time here in Asia has given our kids so many great friends. I could have posted the nicely posed picture I had of the boys, but really, this is what they looked like for most of the party.

March - who could forget our unlimited almightiness and freedom? For those who have forgotten, that's the promise given us on our new car's website. This has transformed how we live here and we are incredibly grateful for it. Plus it's easy to spot in the parking lot.

April - our little girl celebrates 8 years and a love of soccer!

May - this is the perfect month in our city and we enjoyed it with lots of time outside playing soccer with the neighbor kids. The best fun though was found in butt boarding - Jackson and Ethan's first co-invention (soon to be patented).

June - we soaked up as much time as we could with our good friends, the Higgins, before they moved back to the States in early July. We're so thankful for them!

July - visitors! We love to take people to the Black Dragon Pool, where Megan assaulted her aunt and uncle mercilessly. Our family was a welcome distraction from the sadness of losing friends!

August - we moved!! And to what I have come to view as my dream home. This is one of our favorite rooms - homeschool/wrestling/game central.

September - we've discovered more nature in this area than we first knew. This is part of the park we found nearby where we've spent several times with friends (and the site of our Turkey Trot!)

October - Megan's soccer tournament was one of many fun new activities for the fall, including Tae Kwon Do, Chinese class (ok, maybe not so much fun but good for them!), homeschool drama, science, newspaper writing, and art.

November - 3rd time seeing your family in a year's a charm. We enjoyed a week in Florida with my parents, who graciously served us by taking the kids to the amusement parks while we had business meetings.

December - our first Christmas back in China (because we've spent the last two in the States). It was fun to have our decorations out in the house and to have a nice quiet evening with friends.

I wonder what pictures we'll have by this time next year?

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