Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful in Thailand

Last Friday we came down to sunny Thailand for some meetings and vacation time. Since I've been reading One Thousand Gifts I've started carrying around a small notebook in which to write things I'm thankful for (usually I just store them up in my head). So here's what I've been enjoying lately:

448. The noises little boys make when they play
449. How Ethan couldn't just take his Legos back to his room - he had to make up a story to get them back
450. Mandarin oranges
451. Erik at home
452. Telling my childhood stories to Megan
453. Brownies with whipped cream on top
454. The smell of Megan's hair
455. My family all cozy on the couch reading
456. Megan's funny faces
457. How so many things in our house have a story behind them (like, "I bought that in a market in Thailand" or "my brother made that for me")
458. A friendly, helpful ticket agent who worked magic for us when we missed our flight to Thailand
459. sweet kisses and hugs from our girl
460. Knowing enough Chinese to get around in strange cities
461. A hotel 6 minutes and 8.9Y from the airport (in our city things are further away and more expensive!)
462. Walking into a hotel at 11 pm where our room had been booked just moments before even though the desk clerk was telling people on the phone that they were full
463. A tightly made bed
464. An incredibly effective Thai massage
465. Heart to heart talks with old friends
466. Childcare for the kids
467. lime juice
468. Hearing and meeting a need for a friend quickly
469. Singing praise songs in Chinese
470. Ice cold water in the morning
471. Unexpected gift of peppermint patties (thanks mom!)
472. Funny conversations with friends' kids
473. Finally finding the perfect conference tote for only $7 (on Tao Bao, of course!)
474. Seeing my lap be the safest place for my crying boy

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Rachel said...

I'm glad that you got there. Sounds like you are having a great time.