Monday, January 31, 2011

I like Thailand

We just arrived back from Thailand yesterday. Our internet service there was spotty at best. Here's something I wrote while we were there:

There are some things about vacationing in Thailand that I supremely appreciate, among them cheap laundry service, ice-cold lime juice, and traditional Thai massages on the beach. This trip I experienced something new that raised my appreciation and enjoyment of this culture.

Megan and the other kids at our resort spent 90% of their time in the water. There were several minor injuries – slipping on the wet wood floor around the pool or landing on top of someone coming down the slide – Ethan even joined the club by slamming his leg into the side of the pool and forming a giant bruise. So I wasn’t surprised when I heard Megan squealing and several kids ran up to me saying, “She’s bleeding!”

Sure enough, there was a fine line of blood running down her leg. In the time it took to get her to the outdoor shower, I’d already had 3 offers of Neosporin from other parents, but they were nothing compared to the resort staff. Megan sat down on a chair to wait while I ran for my supplies, but before I could a Thai woman appeared with a first aid kit. She poured antiseptic liquid on Megan's leg, swabbed it with iodine, and covered it with gauze. Then she gave me extra gauze and tape to re-apply later. I just stood there in amazement. So did all the kids (pretty sure it was the coolest thing they saw that day, aside from maybe the giant community sandcastle they'd built).

I like Thailand.

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Six Wilsons said...

I am living vicariously through you these days. Thinking I was absolutely stupid and out of my mind (and i truly was, out of my mind) in wanting to come back to the states. Now, I feel totally BiPolar and wish to be back in Asia!