Sunday, January 09, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Since Christmas, I have been reading the book One Thousand Gifts. This is the book written by the woman whose blog (about the book) inspired my sister in law to start writing her thankful lists, which in turn inspired me. So naturally reading the book itself is inspiring me more!

421. The house is quiet and warm
422. NyQuil - I've been a sick girl this week
423. 99 years of life for my grandpa, who passed away on Thursday
424. Hearing and seeing my husband on Skype tonight while I made dinner
425. Children sitting at opposite ends of the couch reading, legs and feet tangled together
426. Good friends back from long furloughs
427. Finding a way to church that is free from traffic
428. Kindle
429. The song Ordinary Day
430. Dancing with Megan to Ordinary Day until my head hurt from spinning
431. How she didn't want to quit dancing with me
432. Spontaneous hugs from our kids
433. Finding that we can play strategic board games with our kids and not have to let them win because they win all on their own
434. A new history lapbook
435. humidifiers
436. A second cell phone battery on my bedside table that reminds me how my husband takes care of the little things in my life
437. fuzzy slippers
438. kuai di (like fed ex)
439. chest, shoulders and triceps of P90X setting the bar higher for me
440. And Plyometrics tomorrow, which I actually can do
441. candles
442. Using candles to roast marshmallows
443. Then smooshing them between chocolate covered digestive crackers (I know "digestive crackers" sounds gross, but they're SO good!)
444. Sunlight warming the bed this afternoon while Ethan and I talked on it
445. Giggling and then outright laughing with Ethan
446. Vanilla Bean Noel lotion
447. Dreaming of beach, lime juice, Thai massages and old friends in a few days

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