Monday, January 10, 2011

The Wisdom of Tony Horton

Erik and I have a new shared interest - P90X. You might remember I attempted this last fall, managed to get an infection in my elbow that made it swell to the size of Manhattan, and was advised by a doctor not to use it for 6 weeks. So it was something like P20X.

My six weeks were up around the time of Erik's sabbatical, so he suggested we do it together. Each morning around 6 we join our friend Tony Horton for an hour plus of pushing ourselves. If you don't know Tony, you're missing out, because he's funny, motivating, and wickedly in shape. The best part is his one liners. We've kept a list:

Makes me hap-py

No Krispy Kremes in the house!

Yeah, I know it’s hard. It’s supposed to be!

Tip of the day: Don’t smash your face.

Taking a little break here, but don’t be going off to the grocery store buying nasty food!

Cheeseburger- bad! Fries – bad! Shake – bad! Coca-cola – oh, I said it!

Party’s almost over (said halfway through the abs workout. Nope, not almost over).

What's YOUR goal??

It doesn't have to be pretty.

Abs Ripper X - I HATE it, but I love it!

This is Yoga X, my brotha!

It's Pam, we call her Blam! (I don't get the sense that Pam enjoys this)

He didn't let his EGO get in the way

Two words: Recovery drink

And, of course, "Do you best, forget the rest."

See, now doesn't that make you want to join us? And Tony?


Rachel said...

"happiness is this right here"

"i'm going to try not to talk for a minute ... nope, can't do it."

and it drives me nuts when he gives his anti-aging talk - when is that? XStretch? Because, dude, you are older, even if you are healthier.

Gina Marie said...

I forgot, since I was too sick to do Core Synergistics last week, "Superman . . . BA-nana!" He seems to take sadistic pleasure in saying that.

And, "I know it hurts!"