Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Thoughts from 27,000 feet

Our kids are getting too big to curl up in the chairs and sleep.

Even time I do this I think, “I never want to do this again.” And yet I will have to do it again in a week.

Never judge your hair in an airplane mirror. The lighting in there is awful.

If people are still standing and walking while the seatbelt light is on, even after the flight attendant says in Chinese, “For the last time, sit down and fasten your seatbelts!” chances are they will remain standing.

Special meals are the way to go – no waiting for that meal cart to finally get back to us little people.

Providing someone with a small, thick steak may seem like a kindness except when you have simultaneously provided her with only plastic utensils.

It doesn’t matter how bored I am, the movie Grown Ups is not worth more than 5 minutes of my attention.

Why can’t I bring water on the plane, but you’ll give it to me when I’m here? (there is a second security check as you leave China, after your ticket has been scanned, to take any liquids you've bought in the airport)

I am genetically programmed to sleep only when it is dark and quiet, I am laying down in a comfortable and warm bed, and no one is touching me. These are not the conditions on a plane, therefore I do not sleep. Also, I would suck on Survivor.

I wish I could take credit for what great travelers our kids are. We get so many compliments, but really, it’s all them.

My butt hurts.


Amy :) said...


You always crack me up with your posts. This one was great!

I hope your trip back goes better, if that's possible...

Amy :)

Robyn said...

Gina- I loved this post! I can SO relate! I am the such a light sleeper. I almost never sleep on flights, and since our kids have needed constant entertainment, or say "I'm bored" and now I have 3, it is almost impossible to sleep. I do have to say that Will is at the point where he does really well. Hopefully, AK will get there soon. I'll have to wait quite a few more years before EB gets there :) Glad you arrived safely. At least you don't have to deal with diaper explosions anymore;)