Thursday, November 25, 2010

Still thankful . . .

More things to add to my thankful list from earlier today:

391: The turkey turned out awesome, if I do say so myself
392. And so did the stuffing, and I don't even like stuffing so that's saying something
393. Conversations with friends that start with, "When we were living in . . . " and it's always somewhere out of the ordinary. I love those stories!
394. Crunching leaves under my feet as I walked home. There never used to be leaves in the fall here! I hope it's a long time before someone comes along and takes them away

I just found the sign below online and it encouraged me. I hope you see all the good gifts in your life today too!

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Kevin said...

Hi Gina,

Continue to love your blog; keep up the good work!

Our plans continue to take shape and it looks like nearly for sure we will be moving to BJ in July.

So, we’re exploring as best we can possible places/neighborhoods in which to live. Obviously, a major factor will be where our daughter Rylie will go to school (will be entering 6th, currently 10 yrs old). We are considering IAB, plus a couple of the other international schools. We are still considering home-schooling.

I remember the pics you posted of your new place and it looks fantastic. Could you detail for us where you guys live & if you’d recommend it? Also, what neighborhood do most of the homeschool families involved in a co-op live? What advice in general would you have for us about housing?

My office will be both at home, and most likely at the 21st Century hotel near Lido.

Thanks for whatever advice you might have for us!

Hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving weekend,
Kevin Evans