Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude on the day of Thanks

It would just be wrong if I didn't add to my list of grateful things today, so here they are:

366. My husband gently disciplining the kids in the wee hours of the morning
367. Quiet hours in the a.m. while getting over jet lag
368. Amazing women in my small group who love me and want to hear my heart
369. New friends for our kids
370. Running the Turkey Trot (and finishing it despite a side ache!)
371. Running the Turkey Trot with four other women, just enjoying their company on the way
372. An older woman who can coach me in cooking my first turkey (yes, my first!)
373. And my first batch of stuffing!
374. An oven big enough for a 13 lb. turkey. This is a rarity in China.
375. Oh, I forgot to mention - 20 people fitting into our kitchen/dining room after the Turkey Trot to eat cinnamon rolls and drink coffee (and we weren't even that crowded! I love my kitchen!)
376. Enjoying a new book (Count of Monte Cristo) on my new Kindle (which is on my new iPad)
377. Dayle, my coach, who is wise, gentle, and believes in me
378. Realizing that I have parents who love me really well and are unfailingly generous.
379. Almost being through jet lag
380. The gift of being able to coach LEAF again in a few weeks
381. Erik has sabbatical for the month of December - I'm so looking forward to him being around!
382. Our house is WARM!
383. God is my defender, the One who justifies me
384. God uses all things for good
385. My husband is my safe place
386. Plaid pajama pants from Old Navy - they have become my new "uniform"
387. Tao Bao - what can't you buy on it? We would have ordered the turkey from there but they were sold out
388. Our helper - I love coming home just in time to host people for dinner and seeing that my house is now clean (it wasn't when I left!)
389. I was able to use my Discover card at Carrefour yesterday. It's a long story, but it saved me a lot of time and stress!
390. So far the turkey looks edible!

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