Saturday, July 18, 2009

Preparing to drive

Erik and I are studying for our driver's tests. There are (we've heard, but not counted) 1300 questions to study, but only 100 on the test. I'm hoping the test questions range more toward the logical ones, such as this:

When encountering a flock of sheep crossing the road, the driver should:
1. Honk continuously to drive away the flock
2. Speed up and bypass the flock
3. Drive slowly and use the vehicle to scare away the flock
4. Reduce speed and go slowly, or stop to yield when necessary.

I don't anticipate encountering a flock of sheep, but if I do, I plan to reduce speed and go slowly, or stop to yield when necessary. But I am a little unsure about my first aid skills. What would you answer for the following?

When there are many wounded persons, those who should be sent to hospital last are the persons:
1. suffering cervical vertebra damage
2. suffering massive haemorrhage
3. suffering breathing difficulty
4. whose intestines and veins are exposed

When there is a bleeding in an upper limb or shank without bone fracture or joint damage, the bleeding can be stopped by . . .
1. tourniquet
2. compression dressing
3. cushioned limb folding
4. pressure bondage

If you're curious, the answers to those questions are 1 and 3, respectively. What on earth is a cushioned limb folding? I don't know but I promise to do it if I am ever in that situation.

Most of the questions are in reference to how to behave with other drivers, and it appears that we should answer according to what they want us to do (reduce speed and yield) rather than what people actually do (honk, speed up, and overtake). There are a number of questions that deal with fines and illegal activity, but it seems that the answer to those is always, "the traffic control department of the public security organ", "200-2,000 yuan" or "detain the driver." So I think we're good. Wish us luck!

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