Friday, July 03, 2009

Finding a new chiropractor

After being blessed for years by my friend Fiona as my chiropractor, I wondered what I would do here in China. I heard that there is a woman several of our friends use who will do house calls, so when I woke up this morning with a pain on the left side of my neck unlike anything I'd felt before, I gave her a ring.

She showed up at 11 this morning and set to work on me. She gave me a great massage using copious amounts of a Tiger balm like oil, then said something about scraping me. She said it in English so I had no mistake what she said, but the meaning escaped me until she went and found a small bowl. She then proceeded to drag it down various parts of my back and neck until my toes were curling and I was doing my, "Go to a happy place, go to a happy place" chant in my head. She seemed competent though, pointing out parts of my back and saying, "You've had problems here for a long time haven't you?" Yes, yes I have.

It's yet to be seen if she fixed me, as these things usually take some time. She did say she should come back within a week or so. If nothing else, I learned and re-learned a lot of vocabulary regarding my body.


Six Wilsons said...

Hoping she doesn't re-use that oil!!!

Four Buttons said...

ahh tiger balm, i bet you smelled like a million bucks after that appt!