Monday, March 09, 2009

The great Lego project

Since we are getting ready to leave Singapore, I told Ethan he needed to assemble all his Lego sets, determine which pieces are missing, and which sets he may want to sell or give away. He rose to the challenge and decided to start with Sentai Fortress, which is his largest set.

His Legos used to be organized, but over time, because he tends to make creations from his imagination rather than following instructions, they were completely mixed up. Megan and I put ourselves to the task of sorting the larger pieces by color, and the smaller ones by type.

Here's our final project. After a week of sorting an hour or so every day, he's at least able to know where to start looking. He says it won't stay this way. We've told him we won't sort them again (although Megan might cave. She really enjoyed it).


Rebecca said...

Wow! That is QUITE a collection! That's probably about $10000 worth if you bought them all here in Singapore. They are outrageously priced here!

Gina Marie said...

Yes, it is a ridiculous amount of Legos. That doesn't include the Sentai Fortress or the Dwarves' Mine which he has assembled already.

We decided a long time ago that these are a great toy to invest in because they have entertained him for hours and really sparked his creativity. That said, we haven't paid full price for most of the sets! Some we found on ebay (one set I scored for $60 when it was supposed to be $150), some we bought from friends, others were on sale, others were gifts.